Thursday, November 16, 2006

A night at the art museum...

We had a swell turnout at our event at the Denver Art Museum, where I took a quick tour of Daniel Libeskind's new building. Lots of angles. Lots of great surfaces for skateboarding.

Bob Ivy, our editor, introduced the party and thanked HunterDouglas, our sponsor.

There were so many friends of Record and GreenSource--it was hard to make it around to see everyone. Stephen Selkowitz from the Lawrence Berkeley Labs was talking to Steven Strong of Solar Design Associates. I chatted up Gail Vittori about sustainable healthcare design--we have lots to discuss on that topic.

And Charles Linn, our deputy editor, caught up with his friend Nancy Clanton, the great lighting designer who is also serving on GreenSource's editorial advisory board.

What a night we had--I was up at 5:30AM and it's close to midnight now, but just another day at GreenBuild.

-Russell Fortmeyer

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