Friday, November 17, 2006

COTE Check

Joann Gonchar and I headed over to the AIA Committee on the Environment party last night at Lannie's under the clock tower on 16th Street. We hadn't expected to know anyone at the party, but we've been running into friends everywhere in Denver.

We talked with Martha Bennett (picture with Joann), who runs the firm Bennett Wagner & Grody here in Denver. She told us some stories about our editor, Bob Ivy, that won't be making it into the blog. She told us she was trying to make it to as many events at GreenBuild as she could, but the joys of having your office in the host city mean she had to focus on work, too (!).

Kira Gould, who wrote a piece on green developers for our forthcoming issue three of GreenSource, was there with Lance Hosey, her co-author on the book "Women in Green: Voices of Sustainable Design." It publishes this spring; they are both pictured. I've been running into Kira all over town--last I saw her I was breathlessly running around booths on the convention floor. She and Lance posed for a few party pictures that, because I like them so much, I won't be publishing on the blog. But they could always come in handy later...

Finally, as I was standing in line to get some water (do you believe that?), I started talking to a guy who turned out to be David Mount, an architect with Mahlum Architects in Seattle. It turns out Mahlum has been working with Record on our Schools for the 21st Century project--it's like six degrees of Kevin Bacon at this conference.

-Russell Fortmeyer

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