Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Keeping track of carbon with Guy Battle...

Editors from Architectural Record and GreenSource met over lunch with Guy Battle from Battle McCarthy engineers (he's pictured with Record's Joann Gonchar). He's collaborated with Haworth--the big architecture and furnishings manufacturer--to kickstart a new carbon tracking system called "Planet Positive."

The news at GreenBuild 2006 is that carbon neutral is EVERYTHING. Battle told us if we don't implement a way to account for carbon in the entire supply chain of our buildings, we don't stand much chance to beat back global warming. He says he started the Planet Positive program, which is a non-profit organization separate from his practice, as a way to bring sustainability to more people's lives.

"As a designer, there's only so many buildings you can touch," Battle told me. "How many people will see your buildings--maybe a in the thousands or possibly millions. But CO(2) is the real issue."

I think I'm going to hear that a lot this week.

-Russell Fortmeyer

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